Drilled to Bits

Drilled to Bits

Drilled to bits - from the best drills to best drill bits

Hi I’m Daniel

I’ve created DrilledtoBits to cover everything from power drills, drill presses to drill bits.

Look I’m not going to lie. I love DRILLS! I get great pleasure from taking bits of wood and transforming into something useful (our chicken house for instance).

Taking leftover bits of metal and making things in my shed. Even making the shed.

A lot of us use power drills as a handyman but there are many others that need serious drills to handle tough work situations. Homebuilders can’t live without them.

I hate it when you buy a piece of kit and it just doesn’t do the job or it fails within a short amount of time. Especially if I’ve forked out quite of bit of cash for it.

On drilledtobits you can find buying guides, hints and tips, and best drill reviews.

I take this seriously and, with my team, have put hours into research (and quite a few cups of coffee) to ensure that you get the information that will help you.

If you feel that there’s something I need to cover please get in touch and we’ll look into it for you

May all your projects be awesome!

DanielĀ  (the drill guy)